The justice desk are launching their 2020 Gender Based Violence Campaign,  “Men Your Actions Define you.” On Women’s Day, 09/08/2020.

The campaign will seek to disrupt the narrative underpinning the GBV and femicide crisis in South Africa. The dominant, erroneous narrative states that GBV and Violence Against Women (VAW), is a social issue experienced by women, and should therefore be responded to and challenged by women. The result is that many men feel this as a non-issue nor do they feel GBV is an issue they are responsible for.


  • In South Africa, a woman is murdered every 3 hours, and over 1 in 3 women have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence.
  • The majority of the incidences conducted by men.

Jessica Dewhurst, CEO and Founder of the Justice Desk, joins us live today to chat about the campaign and the reasons why Men need to stand up to GBV