Our favourite Celebrity chef, author, TV personality and restaurateur Jenny Morris has opened a new  Yumcious restaurant at the DeVille Shopping Centre, situated on the corner of Wellington and Durban Roads in Durbanville. #Drive326 were there and broadcasted live.

Yumcious™ is a bistro/cafe styled restaurant and if you haven’t been you are definitely missing out.

“I love food, I love it fresh, and seasonal and I love lots of it. I love curries and roasts, good burgers and fabulous salads, fish & chips, and a good juicy well hung steak, belly pork roasted to perfection which is meltingly soft, infused with peppery flavours of ground white pepper, cumin and salts, breads fresh from my oven and herbs freshly picked from my garden.

I love to cook with spices, I take my time and temper them so that YOU, get to taste the best out of them. I love global food and I am always experimenting with ingredients and flavours from other countries. I love to add my personal touch to my dishes.

I love textures, colours and flavours, I like my food to be simple and uncomplicated.

I want your mouth to love you when you leave my Yumcious™ table!” – Jenny Morris

Check out the menu here