This morning we had the lovely Jenny Morris join us on HeartBreakfast! She made some lovely chilli chicken spring rolls we sure you’d love as much as Aden, Julian and Tara did! Check out the recipe down below.


• 300g mixed shredded vegetables like cabbage, carrots, spring onions and peppers.
• 200g shredded cooked chicken.
• 2 finely chopped garlic cloves
•  A small piece of very finely chopped ginger
• 2 tablespoons of  soy sauce
• 8-10 sheets of Spring roll pastry
• 1 egg, beaten
• sesame seeds, for sprinkling
• A little bit of cornflour mixed with a  small amount of water to act as glue
1. Place the spring roll wrapper on a flat surface so that a corner is facing toward you.
2. Dish two spoonfuls of the mixture per spring roll.
3. Spoon out the springroll mixture about 2 inches from the corner closest to you.
4. Roll it over once, and, like you’re making a burrito, fold over both sides.
5. Continue rolling it into a cigar shape.
6. Brush a bit of the cornstarch water onto the corner of the wrapper that is farthest from you to seal it with your finger.
7. Heat some oil in a saucepan.
8. Fry the rolled springrolls till golden brown on a sides.
9. Serve hot with a dipping sauce of your choice.
Stay tuned to #HeartBreakfast next week Thursday to see what delicious recipe chef Jenny Morris has to share with you. Fooding around with Jenny Morris exclusive to HeartBreakfast, the Capes biggest wake up!