Home-grown talented and beautiful cooking maestro Jenny Morris, with her passion for food and zest to experiment in the kitchen while keeping it simple and remaining true to her signature style.

Thursday’s call for #FoodingaroundwithJennyMorris and she’s got some challenges for the Breakfast team and the listeners too.

Julian is receiving a special delivery this week and quite a difficult challenge… A crackling pork belly – DELICIOUS! 😋

Have a listen to the podcast here:

Goodluck Jules!

A Few Fun Facts about Jenny Morris…

1. Jenny was born in Durban, South Africa.
2. Jenny started cooking for friends from her home before it grew into a business
3. Jenny sings and dances while she cooks.
4. Jenny is a Food Network celebrity chef
5. She’s cooked for Prince Charles
6. Her favourite colour is orange.
7. Jenny has her own brands which include: Jenny Morris pasta, Jenny Morris artisanal wooden products and Jenny Morris wines