We celebrate teachers because today is World Teachers Day! We’d love to hear your favourite memories of your favourite teachers, those that left a profound impact on your life. We’d also like to hear from teachers, how are you doing & you can send a shout out to your colleagues!

On World Teachers’ Day, the services of teachers and their contributions to education are acknowledged and their role and importance for the development of students and society are appreciated. Teachers’ Day is an occasion that pays a tribute to the teachers and tends to resolve some of the issues regarding their profession and hence tries to attract the brightest young minds towards this profession.

Teachers are an icon of knowledge. They are one of the most influential forces for quality education and development.
They are a source of awareness and enlightenment. They nourish their students with their wisdom.  They teach the real skills of a successful life to children. Their es-cheats help us to discover the precise path across life.
Despite the true pillars of a successful nation, they are not awarded by the warm gratitude which they deserve, their status and working conditions remain preoccupying.


  1. Surprise your teacher with a gift

    Kids can show their appreciation by giving their teacher a heartfelt “thank you” card, surprising them with homemade crafts or drawings, or by writing a poem of admiration.

  2. Make teachers feel special

    Parents love teachers, too! Show just how much on World Teachers’ Day. Collaborate with your local PTA to set up a raffle with gift cards, coffee mugs and other prizes. Provide coffee and donuts or ask parents to set up a potluck breakfast for teachers before the school day begins.