There’s nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a cup of tea, and we look forward to every day when we get home from work.

Tea is a great source of phyto-chemicals (antioxidants) known as flavonoids. Flavonoids keep your heart and blood vessels healthy by keeping the blood vessels ‘flexible’ and able to stretch in and out so your blood flows smoothly. They help reinforce our body’s natural defence system and slow the ageing process.

They may have a protective role to play in preventing stroke and some cancers. Tea is also anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic. It can destroy bacteria and viruses which was handy in the early days when most water was not safe for drinking.

They are focused listeners

Those that enjoy tea seem to be stoically good listeners. There could be a thunderstorm around your conversation, and yet the tea-drinker has the persistence to calmly sip their tea, make eye contact, and keep the conversation on you. Their good listening skills make tea drinkers the absolute best! Besides, with their mouths full of delicious tea, it forces those teetotalers to be excellent listeners.

They know there is nothing worse than burning your tongue

They are always patient because tea drinkers have learned their lesson from 1,001 burned tongues. There is nothing worse than burning your tongue on a mug fresh off the screaming kettle; it’s the worst betrayal of all. Why would your loving tea hurt you in this way?! After burning themselves on tea, every tea drinker has found the reason to have patience: for the perfect cup of tea, and the ability to taste for several days!