Humans simply love dance. It brings us together whether we are the ones on the dance floor or are watching the professional performance of others. Dancing is exhilarating and impressive. Dancing can burn calories. Plus, you’ll never get bored with your workout. Once you get the basics down, there’s a whole world of options.

Let’s honour the world of dance today, together!  The earliest signs of dance are found painted on Egyptian tombs and Indian rock walls!


  1. Take a class

    Have you ever tried Tango? How about Zambian dance? What about Lindy Hop? Maybe you aren’t really a big dancer but, don’t worry, beginner classes are very forgiving. Regardless of your skill level, today is your day to broaden your horizons! Try a dance style you’ve never tried before.

  2. See a show

    Dance performances often feature beautiful costumes, bright colours, and amazing sets. The highest-grossing Broadway show, Lion King, has been seen by over 100 million people since it began in 1997. Even if you cannot see a show in person today, visit the International Theatre Institute’s website for videos featuring a variety of dance styles from around the world.