So while we’re all under lockdown, Easter egg hunts may not be the same if you don’t have a garden outside to hide the eggs. Not to worry, we’ve thought of some ideas for you to keep the kids entertained indoors.

A Clue Hunt

Instead of leaving a ton of eggs all over your house or apartment, you can carefully hide a few of them, and then offer a trail of clues that’ll help kids find them. It combines the fun of a an egg hunt with the thrill of an actual hunt. Create a few cards and write some clues on them, come on mom/dad let’s get a little creative.

Blindfold your Kids to make it more challenging

Make the Easter egg hunt even harder by adding a blindfold; you can either direct the kids to the eggs “hotter/colder” style, or, if they’re younger, fill them with coins or other noise-making prizes and shake them until your toddlers find the eggs.

Get out of chores cards

It’s hard to fit good prizes in the small, plastic eggs — and keeping prizes with real eggs is even harder. If you don’t want to use candy or a small piece of junk, consider hiding “privilege cards” that can be used to get out of chores or get extra treats like more tv or cellphone time.

Hunt in The Dark

Close the curtains tight or wait until nighttime and hide your Easter eggs all over your house or apartment. You could get even more creative and if you have glow in the dark sticks, wrap them around the eggs or plant them close as clues.