National Name Yourself Day is a day to celebrate reinvention by trying on a new name for size. Studies show there’s a link between someone’s name and their personalities.

Today, names themselves are revered in much the same way as the past. People are still named after celebrities and famous on-screen characters, but many take a more naturalistic or original approach and choose names outside of the box. As the world modernises and comes to understand the idea of the self better, identity is also seen as an evolution, which makes National Name Yourself Day a useful tradition we can all learn something from.


  1. Change your name at work

    Does work ever seem monotonous? Change your name to one you’ve always liked and ask your coworkers to refer to you as that. Go to a coffee shop and give them your new name and see how the change feels. Maybe you’ll like it, or perhaps it’ll give you a newfound respect for your birth name.

  2. Act differently

    Choose your favourite actor, or character in a movie or book and take their name and their persona out for a spin. Challenge friends to a game and see who pulls off the best impression and who can stay in character the longest. This is a great acting exercise and you’ll see how good others may be playing the guessing game.

  3. Give someone else a name

    Invite a friend to celebrate National Name Yourself Day and create a name for each other. Perhaps it’ll be something deep and meaningful that reveals something about their true character, or it could be something comical that will cause people to look at them strangely when they hear it. The power is yours.