The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says it is willing to assist the family of a 13-year-old Parktown Boys’ High School pupil who drowned at a Grade 8 orientation camp in the North West last week.

  • Enoch Mpianzi went missing at the camp, which took place at Nyati Bush and Riverbreak Lodge last Wednesday. His body was found on Friday.
  • Mpianzi was last seen when a makeshift raft which he and other boys were using overturned on Crocodile River on the first day of the camp.

Details of his death are still being investigated, there is currently a twitter account that is providing intimate details of the incident and showcases the apparent lack of action of both the lodge and the teachers involved. These details have yet to be confirmed but paints an extremely grim picture.

Not only this, but it turns out that Enoch couldn’t afford the life jacket which parents had to buy for this school camp with Enochs parents having to borrow the R800 that was needed to send children on the camp.

Do we as parents take our role during the school day for granted?

We drop our kids off and so many of us wipe our hands and have faith in the schools we send our kids to, to provide the necessary protection. Should we take a more active role in the schools that our kids attend? We just sign the indemnity form and off we go, without even investigating the details of that form and what it legally means if anything goes wrong.

The big question around indemnity has now come up for discussion – and who is responsible.  

Well-known criminal attorney, William Booth, joins Aden Thomas on the line, have a listen to the podcast here: