1. Have a Routine

    It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you stick to it. Routines make us more productive and reduce anxieties about never leaving work.

  2. Maintain Relationships With Your Co-workers

    We may have never felt so remote in our lives, but that’s no excuse for allowing those work relationships to go south. Set up a virtual happy hour, have treats or lunches delivered

  3. Boundaries Make Good Workers

    Sure, your office may be your kitchen table but that’s no reason to let the office takeover your home. As with a routine, it is important to set boundaries for your work life and your home life. When the work day is done, put the laptop away, leave your home office, and maybe mute your messages.

  4. Make Accommodations For Your Kids

    When you’re working in an office and the kids are in school it is easy to forget how tough it is to balance both at the same time. Now that everyone is home (and those kids are probably bored) creating rules and routines for your children will help to reduce the number and frequency of interruptions

  5. Make your Breaks Meaningful

    It’s easy to overlook the importance just chatting with your desk mate can have on resetting your brain’s productivity capabilities. When working from home, especially solo, take meaningful breaks. Go for a walk, do some light exercise, pick up a book and read for a few minutes. Do things that help to give your brain the break it needs to maintain high productivity.


  1. It Feels Almost Like a Staycation

    We may be working, but when you don’t have to worry about beating the traffic to the office and instead ease into the day with a cup of coffee on your stoep or garden, it can almost feel like having the day off — almost.

  2. Video Calls Can Be Fun

    Video calls are a fact of life now but they don’t have to drab, annoying, and fruitless conversations. Spice them up with a clever background, or start each meeting by screen sharing a fun game that everyone on the call can play. Video calls are what you make them, so make them fun.

  3. The Relative Freedom

    Of course we are still expected to work our usual hours and be as productive as we are in the office, but when you’re working from home there’s a bit more freedom to control your day than there is when you’re under the microscope in the office. Take advantage of that freedom, it can be recuperative.

    [Credit: nationaltoday.com]