Ever tried making your own Slangetjies? We know it’s easy enough to buy them at the spice shop, but we’re always up for a cooking challenge!

Here’s a quick and easy recipe to try, let us know how it turns out!


  • 350ml pea flour (yellow pea)
  • 125ml cake flour
  • 10ml salt
  • 5ml jeera powder
  • 5ml chilli powder
  • 30ml sunflower oil
  • water
  • 500ml sunflower oil for frying


  1. Sift all your dry ingredients together
  2. Add 30ml of oil and mix in some water to make a thick paste
  3. Push your mixture through a colander with small holes or through a pasta machine to form spaghetti like strands
  4. Put the strands directly in hot oil and deep fry until crispy and golden
  5. Remove and drain well on a paper towel
  6. Serve hot or cold