Most businesses are operating at full or maximum capacity. Hybrid working is being embraced in the working world along with any other alternative methods that will improve existing workplace procedures.

The reality is that working from home has had an impact on workplace creativity. This has resulted in a lack of up skilling as well as a lack of engagement with staff that would ideally have seen innovative ideas.

Getting staff to be more creative with their ideas and thinking in the workplace takes time and the setback dealt from Covid-19 might have impacted your bid to regain innovation in the workplace.

But it is important reignite the creativity flame in the office. Senior management has a significant role to play in the journey of getting staff to take a fresh approach to innovative and creative thinking.

Here are some ways to inspire innovation and creativity in staff:

  • Start by reducing the amount of work you outsource. Boosting creativity in the workplace should start with using resources available to you. Instead of getting 3rdparties to conduct work that needs to be done. If staff members are equipped with the resources and have the skill then they should be first in line for the job in terms of creativity in the workplace.
  • You need to trust your team. The reality is that creativity means being able to think out of the box. This means having confidence in your team that if an employee uses innovation and creativity then they will create something that is delightful. In essence showing your team that you are encouraging their creativity indicates the trust you have in them.
  • Whilst we are exploring the angle of trusting employees with the rope of creativity, we should also explore the impact creativity has on employee well-being. Having the ability to explore aspects of worked around the status quo and work outside the box can reduce stress. It can also promote healthy work attitude and confidence to take risks in the workplace.
  • Another way to inspire creativity would be teamwork. Reshuffling teams and getting employees working in teams can have an impact on their attitude at work. It can motivate them and allow team members to motivate each other, resulting in creativity. Teamwork allows for a whole new dynamic in workplace creativity building. In most offices working in a team is the platform that sees people performing at their best.
  • Motivate staff by sending them on up skilling workshops and training. Training around customer service, communication and even conflict management can be a great way to determine creativity. This platform gives staff a chance to show their creativity out of their comfort zone and also provoke innovative thinking by means of being challenged around new skills development.

How does creativity and innovation help management? 

Having staff think out of the box helps escalate the reduce in the workplace. Being a senior manager means being a leader. This means believing the people in your team are able to solve problems. If staff are creative and innovative, they will be great at problem solving. Improving innovation and creativity in the workplace creates a more energised hive mind.

This can also be a good way to measure employee capabilities when it comes to promotions and leadership positions. An employee who rises up to the challenge can be measured based on their approach to handling situations and more so their creativity in doing so.

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