How to celebrate tell the truth day 

  1. Tell the truth the whole day

    Make it your goal for the day. Try and identify the moments when you would usually resort to lying and make an effort to tell the truth.

  2. Talk to children about the importance of honesty

    This is a great day to explain the value of truthfulness to your children or other young family members and loved ones.

  3. Come clean

    Have you told a lie that you wish you could come clean of? This is a great opportunity to do it.

Why we love tell the truth day

  1. It’s good for your health

    A study from the University of Notre Dame found that telling fewer lies per week improved mental and physical health.

  2. It helps create healthy relationships

    Being honest is a fantastic way to relate to others.

  3. It’s a good day to self-reflect

    While the main objective is to be as honest as possible, this day also invites us to reflect on why we lie in the first place.