The timing has never been riper to celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15! This is the perfect opportunity to tackle that science experiment that’s been growing way in the back, there. Of course, ideally, we’d all clean out our fridges far more often than once a year, but let’s be real: Making it an annual occasion provides everyone with the reassurance that at least the horrendous situation with your roommate’s long-forgotten “homemade kombucha” will be rectified eventually, and marking it as a day on the national calendar gives you plenty of scope for getting passive aggressive in the preceding weeks.


  1. More of us than ever are sharing living spaces

    The number of adults sharing a household with a roommate has surged as rents have risen more quickly than incomes across America over recent years—25% of adults now share with a roommate. The fridge is a major source of roommate tension, and cleaning it out is great for your roommate relationships. It also is good for your health—by diffusing tension, it lowers stress.

  2. It’s a perfect way to be appreciated

    Nobody at the office likes to do this horrific chore, which means the person who does do it gets a medal, which could even mean a raise, which would be hugely disproportionate to the amount of effort it takes to hold your nose and do the dirty work. Remember: When there are dirty jobs to be done, there is money to be made!

  3. You didn’t run out of that after all

    When your fridge is cluttered, it’s easy to forget you have a long-lasting sauce tucked away in the back there behind the stuff nobody wants to touch. So before you buy that second bottle of sriracha, check your own fridge! You’ll save money, time, and get what basically amounts to free condiments. What’s not to love about free condiments?

Tips in cleaning your fridge:-

This is how to clean a fridge properly to get rid of smells and grime. Use baking soda, vinegar and dish soap to sanitise your refrigerator quickly and efficiently. You can use baking soda and vinegar – as we’ll explain below – as a means of cleaning and sanitising your fridge naturally. It’s best to avoid any strong cleaning products as you won’t want any residual chemical particles and odours near your food and drink. With the shelves and drawers out, spray the fridge’s interior with a solution of distilled vinegar and water, concentrating on any areas with dried on gunk. Leave it to soak while you wash the shelves you removed earlier. Then return to the fridge and wipe it out thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth (rinse and squeeze it out regularly). The vinegar and water should work like magic at removing not just sticky mess and germs, but fridge smells, too (more on that later). Always dry the fridge thoroughly before you put the food back in and shut the door. For a fridge that’s not too dirty, simply wipe a paste made of hot water and bicarbonate of soda to the fridge’s interior with a soft, damp cloth, then rinse off with a clean cloth and dry with kitchen roll.