By definition a couch potato is someone that does little or no exercise and watches lots of television. Is this you? Are you feeling flustered, tired and demotivated? How do I stop being a couch potato after work?

  1. Game plan/Schedule

Have a plan when it comes to your activities. Schedule in when you have to go to bed. Do not roam around the TV or scroll online for hours. This will get you into a routine. Routine creates balance and you will notice a decrease in laziness.

  1. Get a hobby

Anything that has sparked your interest across the years. Hobbies can be anything from taking that dance class, trying that cooking class or making pottery. You’ll meet loads of people and can start up some new friendships.

  1. Meet up with friends

Meet up with your best mates and have an indoor hang with them. Human connection is vital for growth.

  1. Eat healthier foods

Nutrition and healthy foods lines up with preserving energy. This makes us less lazy. No more takeaways. Yes, they’re so scrummy but they are detrimental to our bodies.

  1. Get yourself into shape with a gym buddy

“Motivation comes from within”, but some of us need that extra push. Having a gym buddy to encourage and monitor your progress is a great asset. Everything is better in two’s.