It has been reported by Statistics South Africa in its 4th quarter report for 2021 that the unemployment rate in has escalated to 35.3%. This data comes as a concern as more South Africans are unemployed.

The number of unemployed South Africans raises the alarm on the state of poverty and crime in the country. It also brings to light the need for job creation and facilitation of on the ground interaction to determine what is holding South Africans back from employment.

There are a number of factors as to why South Africans are unemployed. The most hard-hitting reason has to be the contribution from the countries battle with Covid-19 which forced many businesses to close and as a result contributed to job loss.

The unemployment rate in the country reflects on a desperate need for education and the need for conversation around what is holding our countries youth to seek employment.

Jobs need to be created in order to improve the status of our unemployment. This means ensuring that the leaders of our business collaborate to maximise on tapping into job creation.

The reality is that without job creation and a reduction in unemployment our economy will be in jeopardy. We will have to find a solution that will prevent the unemployed from becoming homeless.

Here are a few ways to create jobs in the workplace: 

  • If you are a small business, you are at the forefront of job creation. This means you have the ability to increase your productivity by distributing responsibilities to new recruits. Whether it is sourcing work out to other start-ups and small businesses or keeping things in house, you are able to get work done in a manner that will rear results.


  • A business may also look to its staff for referrals and suggestions for employment opportunities. If you are in need of new staff, advertise within the business to get the word out of new employment. This way staff members who have people that are unemployed in their circle, might be able to circulate the information to them. This will give an opportunity to people who are unemployed an opportunity to apply for this and it can come with good recommendation from the staff member who sent out the advert for the job opportunity.


  • Try using smaller business suppliers. Things like delivery and cleaning services play a huge role in a business. If you are starting your business off, use these smaller businesses that offer services to encourage job creation. This way they can employ more people to meet the demand and supply.


  • Be open to internships. Getting more interns in the business can help with 2 aspects of improvement. This will be a way for your business to lighten the work load in the different departments but it will also give someone an opportunity to gain experience and remuneration while they are with your business.


The high unemployment rate in our country must be taken seriously. Businesses have an active role to play when it comes to job creation. At the same time businesses must honour the working with the right remuneration. Skills development, upskilling and training programmes can go a long way for employees who are with the business. Besides benefiting them in the business it can also help them along the way when they might face unemployment. Investing in the future of the employees in the business can go a long way for the employee.

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