Wanting to get that extra steps in? How about a beautiful hike in our City, Cape Town? Filled with memorable fauna and flora that you only to find in the Mother City. Being safe while hiking is a big priority. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is great to consider these tips.

Start off small

That tired saying that says, “practice makes perfect”, is something you need to consider, especially if you are a beginner. Starting off small is the way to go. You can’t decide to run a marathon with no experience. Pick a trail that is just above your fitness level. Get familiar with that trial and then move onto something more advanced.

Check the weather

Check the weather the day before the hike and a few hours before the hike. This will help with knowing what to wear for the hike and know if the plans need to change. Perhaps a different trial would work if the weather isn’t going as planned.

Make your location known

It is important to tell someone that is not on the hike about your location in case you are in trouble. They can then alert the proper authorities to help out.

Socks and shoes

Many things in life are very tough to go through. Taking a hike with paining feet due to socks and shoes is one of those things. Invest in proper hiking shoes and socks. With buying socks, do not do cotton. Wool and synthetic is the way to go.

Pack light

Make sure to only pack what is needed. Don’t over pack as it will become quite difficult to carry too much.

Essentials for the hiking bag pack

  • Ten Essential Systems
  • Navigation (map & compass)
  • Sun protection (sunglasses & sunscreen)
  • Insulation (extra clothing)
  • Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
  • First-aid supplies
  • Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candle)
  • Repair kit and tools
  • Nutrition (extra food)
  • Hydration (extra water)
  • Emergency shelter (tent/plastic tube tent/garbage bag)

Happy hiking!