It’s the start of the new year and everyone heading back to the office might be fixated on implementing their new year resolution. This can prove to be a challenge for those who are not in sync with the “new year new me” mantra.

If that isn’t enough to get you peeved to be back at the office the overspending from the festive period and the long wait to the next pay day could be the reason for the back to work gloom.

Whatever the reason for the lack of enthusiasm at the office, something must be done to remedy the situation or improve your working mood. It is important to get the negative attitude out of the way and focus on achieving those work goals.

Having career goals is essential in transforming your work life and ensuring these well-rounded goals are achieved. Career goals help us to have a vision at work and they steer us in the right direction of meeting the work expectation.

Here’s how you can get ahead of your career goals

  • Start by getting a mentor at work. If January is the time of the year when you aren’t so busy, then this would be a great time to seek guidance from a work colleague. Conversations with a senior colleague is beneficial and often necessary to enhance the work experience. Don’t underestimate the influence and wealth of information from a mentor. The correct mentor can have a significant impact on the time at the workplace. Try to choose one that will guide you along your journey at the office and offer knowledge on what can be done to improve work quality.


  • Set realistic and achievable goals. This is key in working towards enhancing your career goals. By having short term, medium and then long-term goals that are realistic and can be met it will help you to prioritise your work as well. Having a vision of what you wish to achieve will allow you to do the tasks that need to be done to attain those goals.


  • Find meaning in your work. Remind yourself of your purpose at work and try to focus on what tasks are being down and how they provide meaning for you. Remember it is important to reiterate your purposefulness. Having a self-talk or initiating self-leadership is a great way to move ahead with the plan of action to reach those goals.


  • Achieving career goals can also mean upskilling. If we are on the discussion around self-improvement, this can’t be done without upskilling. This means embarking on short courses and programmes to upskill yourself. Familiarise yourself with the company website and look at what benefits are on offer for employees.


  • If your company does not offer any short courses, then perhaps you could find out if they pay for the employees who study in their field of work. If this is not the case already then perhaps you can initiate this and use it to grow in the organisation.


  • Career goals can also be met when you have a healthy mindset. Remind yourself on the importance of a healthy mindset. Seek help for any mental health issues you might have around work anxiety and meeting deadlines. It is important to have a holistic approach to achieving goals. It is one way to start your journey on meeting your career goals.


[CREDIT] Devan Moonsamy is the CEO of ICHAF Training Institute, a South African TVET College. Website: |