It’s 2020 and your New Year’s Resolution is eliminating junk food. You might not necessarily be getting the results that you want. Have a look at the foods that could be detrimental to you diet. Not all healthy food is specifically for your diet.

  1. Diet Soda

Diet soda uses artificial sweeteners to mimic the taste of traditional soda. Ultimately you don’t want to put anything artificial into your body. Natural is the way to go. Diet soda has also been linked to heart conditions, metabolic issues, brain conditions and liver problems.

  1. Granola

Granola appears to be healthy, full of nutrition but it is actually packed with calories, added fats and sugars. Switch your granola for something on the healthier side such as fruit in yoghurt.

  1. Fat free foods

Fat-free living has had the opposite effect on health as it robs the body of nutrition’s as it is processed. Processed foods are not healthy and are tanking add-ins like sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemical flavourings and preservatives.

  1. Gluten free foods

Going on a gluten free diet means miss out on the heart-healthy benefits of whole grains. In addition, many processed gluten-free products can be higher in fat, sugar, and calories and lower in fiber than their gluten equivalents.

  1. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are marketed to the consumer as a drink that will enhance levels of mental alertness and physical stimulation. Energy drinks have a high amount of caffeine and sugar. The amount is almost double what is inside an ordinary soda.

We all want to improve our health, especially heart health. Monitor these few items.