It’s still the month of love and we are reminded about the importance of showing our commitment to our lovers – whether we are married to them or not. For some people this might mean getting a tattoo of their lover’s name (or initials).

No figures are available about the number of people who choose to demonstrate their commitment in this way. But a quick online search will yield tens of thousands of images, videos, discussions and opinion pieces about getting a lover’s name tattooed, dating someone with a tattoo of an ex-lover’s name and the ubiquitous curse of the name tattoo. According to this curse, getting a tattoo of a lover’s name dooms a relationship.

Were you one of these people or do you know of someone that had a name of a lover and then changed it to something else?

Here’s what a listener named Bianca shared with Aden….

“So I come from a very strict background. So basically my story is, on my matric dance night.. I did it all! First kiss, first dance… FIRST TATTOO! But it was so bad, because I tattooed my then partners name on my RING FINGER! My parents were so upset! But I eventually finished school, the love faded away as I moved out of Durban and settled here in Cape Town. Right now I have a band on my ring finger covering the name? As I couldn’t get laser done in time. (Basically a quick fix). I am currently in a relationship, my boyfriend doesn’t mind it at all. Here is a picture of my band! LOL”