It went viral on TikTok and since then everyone around the world, including SA have been trying out the spicy pickled garlic recipe and have only had great things to say about it.

It makes for such a great snack and we’re totally addicted to it. Don’t worry, you’re mouth wont smell like garlic, coz its pickled and delish!


  • 1 jar of pickled garlic, try and get the one where the garlic is peeled already. You can find them at any Korean store/market or Chinese shop
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Dried Thyme Spice
  • Cayenne pepper or chilli powder
  • Red chilli flakes


  1. Empty the water from your garlic jar
  2. Add some Sriracha Sauce, some Thyme, Cayenne or Chilli Powder and a few chilli flakes
  3. Shake the jar so it mixes well together and enjoy!

Snack Time!