Have you ever noticed hearts that appear all around Cape Town? They kind of from afar look like road signs but what are they really for? This is what they’re really for:

These sweet hearts are in fact part of The Secret Love Project. A registered non-profit organisation that operates throughout the Mother City.

The Secret Love Project is a collaborative project to spread the idea of love. The heart shaped design was established in 2014 and taken off since.Currently there are 15 confirmed houses with hearts on them and an unconfirmed amount of hearts on street signs.

Perhaps you have seen some homeless people walk around and sell rainbow-coloured heart-shaped stickers all across the Mother City! They are also part of The Secret Love Project.

Each month, The Secret Love Project gives out 10 000 free packs of heart stickers to 100 registered sellers, who sell them to motorists or pedestrians for R20 each. Allowing the sellers to then keep 100% of the profit. This puts roughly R200 000 a month and R2.4-million a year in the collective pockets of those in need in our local communities.

The Secret Love Project is also a social experiment to see if a positive symbol can influence positive behavior. Tell us how you feel the next time you come across a heart!

Link to support The Secret Love Project