Have you ever wondered how many chickens you’re allowed to keep? Of course you haven’t but we’re going to tell you anyway. Many people are very successful in raising poultry in a residential area. … Remember that you can not keep as many as you might like because of limited space. ..

Johannesburg residents can have no more than 10 chickens in their backyard, as long as they are kept in a sound poultry house and are not a nuisance to neighbours.

Cape Town residents are allowed to have five hens without a permit, and will need a permit if they keep a rooster or more than five hens.

The poultry industry in South Africa has ample room for growth and holds business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the farming sector, But if you are thinking of starting small in your backyard, you might want to familiarise yourself with the bylaws of your local municipality.

For council to accept an application to have chickens in your backyard, a poultry house needs to be at least:

  • 1.5m away from any boundary of a residential piece of land, and
  • 1.5m away from any dwelling, servants quarters, inhabited outbuilding and shop or building where food is processed, sold or stored.

A major requirement for the poultry house is that it be no higher than 3.5m.

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