This store has really outdone itself and really is the future of retail! It offers a HUGE variety from clothes, shoes, beauty products, home accessories and so much more! Its a 2,700m2 shopping space in Cavendish Square Mall, its also a 50-50 joint venture between retail gurus Paul Simon and Arie Fabian, and Old Mutual Property.

It is home to 250 local brands and many international brands too! So if you’re looking for a cocktail dress, vitamins, jewellery or even a bite to eat, you can find it ALL at EGG. Its basically a shopping mall inside a mall, but thats not all.

Egg also has its own hair salon, nail and beauty salon too! Its a space for photographers to bring their work inside the store where a backdrop for photoshoots is available too, so cool! Let’s not forget you could even get that piercing you’ve always wanted too.

Feeling hungry? No problem, you can choose from a selection of Cape Town’s best restaurants which have been created as pop ups! From coffee and bagels, to fresh juices, poke bowls, burgers, the list is endless.

So grab a coffee from the ‘foodie area’ and take a walk around you’re bound to find something you really love!

We love how this store has created a space for local brands to showcase their talent.

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