Remember the first time you took your little ones to school? The tears you had? Yes, we’re sobbing too. You have watched them grow. Been there for every milestone. Those chubby cheeks. Oh yes, we miss those chubby cheeks. They’re all grown up now. Became a strong young male and female. Fresh out of high school and into university. Proud parents are an understatement. Another big life milestone. We don’t talk about the impact when our babies leave the nest.

First things first, you need to acknowledge the way that you feel. You’re probably having mixed emotions. On the one hand you are excited about their growth and opportunity but on the other hand you could be daunting their experience. If the tears come, let them flow. If your kid is leaving for university is it just temporary. Your grief is temporary.

Focus on yourself and your family. You might have other kids that are still on route to leaving the nest. Focus on them. Get stuck into that hobby you never really had time for. Up your game plan at work. Look at how you can improve yourself to be a bigger asset. Start exercising to relieve stress.

You will slowly notice how the milk won’t be used up as quickly. The dinner table feels like it is missing something. Seeing your child every day and caring for them won’t necessarily be the situation. Helicopter parenting is no longer necessary. You do not need to provide everything. Letting go, slowly and giving them some more independence is what they need.

Contact is also needed. Yes, it’s no doubt that you miss your kid. That grief is becoming quite detectable. Contacting them every day, every minute of every hour is a no go. Hold off on too much contact but make sure that they know if they ever needed you, you are always available. Follow them on social media and get involved from an outside perspective. Show support.

Plan to meet up and see your kid. Make time for them and catch up. Don’t force them to come home every weekend. Plan your visits and meetups in advance to avoid disappointments. If your kid is involved in any clubs or sports teams, show up on the big days.

In conclusion, you will feel grief, you will sob a couple of tears but in the end it will all end up in joy. Joy for their growth, their contribution to society and that your child is independent enough to take care of themselves. It’s been a great run mom and dad, well done!