Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m just buying flowers for you, but that doesn’t mean I am in love with you. With valentine’s day fast approaching, I think we need this!

When buying flowers for someone, we often send out mixed messages. Buying flowers is not an easy thing. All the colours, the arrangements, the types. What if you are buying for more than one person? For your girlfriend, mom and sister? Where to go? Do you even know what her favourite flower is? Certain flowers are for certain occasions. We don’t want you bringing roses to a funeral, do we? We are here to help you out. Guide you in the right direction when it comes to buying flowers for females.

Step one is to establish what your relationship and her personality/style is with the recipient. Is she your long tern girlfriend, is it still fresh, are you heading the long term root? Is she a more traditional with red roses? Does she seek adventure and is free with a hint of liberated? Is surprises her thing?

Long term relationship:

Roses are red, romance is high. Red roses are the way to go. They represent passion, love and elegance. However, if you have been giving red roses for the past few years, it’s time to switch it up.

You’re not a couple but you like her:

Purple is a great colour to let her know you’re interested but you’re in the friend zone. Trying to get out the friend zone the best flowers would be lilacs or lily’s. For a more exotic feel, buy orange flowers and mix up the bouquet with some white and peach.

Friend, colleague or first date:

Yellow means friendship, sharing the same interests and laughing at the same jokes. The message you are trying to send out is joy and appreciation. Think sunflowers, daisy’s and yellow roses.


Flowers for mom or your granny to brighten up their valentine’s day? Go pink or go home. Pink has a maternal feel to it. Pink is soft, delicate and vulnerable. All the emotions related to family. A beautiful pink and white arrangement would be perfect for this occasion!