Government’s repeated bans on the sale of alcohol are currently being challenged in the Western Cape High Court.

Wine-body, Vinpro, brought the application in January, and began presenting arguments on Monday.

The matter is sat down for another 3 days*, and it’s being heard by a full bench.

Vinpro is contesting the approach followed by national government to impose blanket restrictions on the sale of alcohol at certain lockdown levels.

The wine-body wants provinces to be given powers to decide whether to impose liquor restrictions, and wants them to be based on scientific evidence.

Vinpro Managing Director, Rico Basson says the wine industry provides a livelihood to many people.

“We know provinces are affected differently by the pandemic, therefore we believe a differentiated approach in handling the crisis is needed to limit the economic impact of a lockdown. Wine is part of agriculture, as is tourism. Our industry supports 80 183 people working at farm level and 228 053 people working further down the wine value chain”.