The City will lift water restrictions from 1 November 2020.

In the announcement on Tuesday afternoon, the City also said that water tariffs will revert to the lowest level.

The mayoral committee unanimously approved the decision to lift water restrictions, and the proposal goes to the full council for approval next week.

Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato says, “Apart from the dams filling up to capacity and beyond in recent weeks, this is another moment to be celebrated as, in a few short years: we have gone from the worst drought to face our city and a potential water ‘Day Zero’, to full dams and zero water restrictions besides the need to stay water-wise.”

Plato added that, “anticipated movements in the warmer summer months have been factored into the latest anticipated usage patterns for lowering the tariffs from the current second-lowest tariff level, to the lowest, no restriction, water-wise tariff.”