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Load shedding is sweeping across South Africa, bringing darkness, frustration and major disruptions to all households. Unfortunately load shedding is an ongoing process that we have to deal with as South Africans. Here’s how can you make things a little bit easier for yourself when you’re sitting in darkness. Gadgets to help you, on a budget!

Surge protector plug

A power surge can occur when power is restored after an interruption in the electricity supply, load shedding, vandalism to substations, cable theft, general power outages and when socket outlets are overloaded as a result of plugging in too many devices to the same socket.

Compact Gas Stove

Our little camping buddy is now to be used. Even in darkness, humans still need to eat, and we like our cooked food. A compact gas stove is the perfect cooking buddy.

Solar Power Bank

Human interaction is vital in our day to day activities. Whether it is sending off that last email or that long paragraph, we need to stay in touch. Buying a heavy-duty power bank that is powered by the sun seems like the way to go.

Portable thermo cooler

Frozen goods are a nightmare when the electricity is off for large amounts of time. Having a portable thermo cooler will help out to keep your frozen foods cool.