Businesses are feeling unsure as they face new challenges and are figuring things out as they re-open their doors. How do they continue running their businesses under this new normal? In the same breath, there are new businesses being started during this time, where businesses are diversifying their businesses for new revenue streams. The short-term outlook for small businesses varies and it is important that we strive to help business start, rung and grow it’s under the new normal.

Hence Fundaba FREE to access on the FNB App (Business and Retail customers and now available to non-FNB customers), to help businesses learn real business skills digitally from anywhere 24/7. The content is designed to give knowledge that is really needed to easily apply the lessons to business especially today. All audio and video content is available in 5 local languages including isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, English and Afrikaans.

  •   FNB Business has created the all new Business Hub, accessible for Free to businesses on the FNB App. Within the Businesses Hub are different content portals made up of specific educational and thought leadership themes. The one we want the audience to remember for this interview is Fundaba – a holistic business education journey helping businesses star, run and grow directly in the palm of your hand.
  •   Designed to give you the knowledge you really need to easily apply these lessons to grow your business. This content includes videos, audio, articles, tools, infographics and quizzes. Access video and audio content in five official languages, all free* on the FNB App.

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