Now that most staff members are returning to the office, since the relaxing of the restrictions around Covid-19 regulations, the workload might pile up. This means that the work from home comfortability which allowed for working at any hour, would now turn into a routine at the office. This would result in a need for deadlines and due dates needing to be met.

It can become stressful to keep up with all the activity and to remain ahead of the workload. Falling behind on work tasks can become a challenge and the stress that comes with this might have a negative impact on your return to the office.

Time management is not the only factor to be considered when assessing what could be resulting in the lack of productivity. There could be multiple reasons as to why someone might be falling behind on work.

But what remains to be seen is a strategy to combat this.

What can be done to get back on track and to remain at the top of your game at the office? 

  • Instead of trying to fake that you have everything under control. The first step to getting on top of your game would have to be to accept you are in the trenches and need help. It is important to acknowledge when you can’t handle the pressure on your own. There is nothing wrong in admitting you are unable to do a task or that you need assistance to see the results of the task. Start by telling yourself you need to get ahead of this. Work on a strategy like writing down a priority list and work your way through that to complete the task. Being overwhelmed or distracted is not excuse enough to not have results. Once you identify a slump then something should be done. Step up and get ahead of the task.


  • Ask for help. You don’t need to run around crazy trying to meet a deadline. When you see that you are sinking under a pile of work. Take a quick walk. Clear your mind and maybe even have a glass of water. Once you have established mental calm, create a priority list that will allow you to complete the most important tasks first and then work your way down the list. Also speak to your manager. He would be best to find assistance for you to complete tasks that are nearing the deadline.  You would be surprised that instead of seeing you burnout your manager might actually be glad you have asked for help. Asking for help can also improve the quality of work you produce and it will allow you to divide your tasks and give every task the necessary attention that it needs.


  • It is also important to get your mind calm. The pile of work might make you anxious and feel frustrated. This can have a negative impact on your mental well health. It is essential to look at getting back on track to avoid having any panic or anxiety attacks. Being back at work might also be the reason for pressure. Working from home might have been easier without any pressure for deadlines. The ability to work whenever was seen as a great way to take your time to do tasks.


  • It is for this reason that it is important for us to work on our time management. Whether it is working from home or at the office we must be able to manage our tasks in the given timeframe and if we are struggling to do this then speak to your manager to host a time management meeting. It could be that you are under pressure because there are contributing factors preventing you from doing your work. Things like supplier delays, customers changing their requests and  perhaps even other staff members not doing their job might be leading to you falling behind on your work.

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