Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.

The aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. This morning we’re speaking to the the premier candidate for the Freedom Front Plus, Peter Marais, joins us on the line…

Highlights from their manifesto: 

State expenditure must be curtailed in the following ways:

  • All state-owned entities must be privatised through a mix of partial sales and full sales. The SAA and Eskom are the first on the list to be privatised;
  • public service appointments must be made solely based on merit;
  • revise the salary scales of senior management positions;
  • limit public officials’ performance bonuses;
  • limit salary increases to no higher than the inflation rate;
  • eradicate corruption; and
  • reduce the size of the public service and have fewer offices of ministry.

Economic empowerment, social development and poverty eradication

  • Poverty is a national problem that affects a very large part of our society. Through the years, it has become evident that involving an entire community in eradicating poverty is the most effective form of poverty relief. Thus, the FF Plus strives to promote community-based social services. The party rejects the use of racial quotas and recommends that a means test must be used in the allocation of state funding to social service organisations.
  • Development of independent local economies.
  • Poverty as basis for empowerment.
  • Using growth and development, rather than racial targets, as methods of empowerment.
  • Special economic zones that are not subject to Affirmative Action, empowerment and restrictive labour laws.
  • Community-based social services.

Listen to the interview here: