A vegan lifestyle is compatible with the highest levels of health and fitness, protects huge numbers of animals, and is a potent way to combat climate change. Plus, the food is insanely delicious and it becomes more widely available every year. If you’re thinking of trying out the vegan thing, you’ll be relieved to learn that sticking to the diet becomes easier with every passing week. In fact, by the time you make it to the three week mark, you will likely find that the lifestyle has become second nature and is nearly effortless to continue.One great thing about roasted vegetables and stir fries is that you can continually experiment with new combinations, so even if you eat these foods every day you’ll never get sick of them. And with stir fries, you can change up the grains you serve them over, as well as the sauces you use as accompaniments.

Switching to a plant-based diet is easier than you would ever expect. Instead of trying to cut animal products out of your diet, crowd them out. Constantly seek out new vegan foods.

Try New Foods

Make a habit of trying new foods at every opportunity. If you set a goal of sampling a few new vegan foods each week, you’ll inevitably discover a ton of foods that you love. And they’ll begin to replace the animal-derived ones that are currently in your diet. Before long, anytime you get hungry, the first food that comes to mind will be vegan.

Know What to Eat on the Go

Try to keep protein bars or vegan snacks —even if it’s just a bag of nuts or pretzels—in your backpack for when you get hungry on the go.

Be Vegan at Home

Make all the meals you eat or prepare at home vegan, including the lunches that you make for work. When dining out, keep in mind that most restaurants have vegan options

Have Vegan Days

Choose one or a few days a week to abstain from animal-derived foods. Then, slowly incorporate additional days into your routine.