Fashion executives have spent the lockdown figuring out how to sell their products online. They’re learning lessons that may shape the retail trade and malls too.

If customers are more likely to be buying clothes from home, they’re more likely to wear them there too. In the absence of dress-up events, there’s a surge in demand for comfort.

Fashion has faced some of the worst upheaval of all. The coronavirus knocked out two factories in China. Retail customers began to cancel orders. And then its headquarter city of San Juan Capistrano in California imposed a work-from-home regime. For retailers it’s been trying to survive week by week.

Clothing stores all over the world are reopening, but its the online space thats booming at the moment. Fashion is coming up with answers online, from customer quizzes to influencers on social media. Instagram is full of ads for face masks that match up with shirts or skirts. A swimsuit brand has its own blog and travel guide. It’s about good storytelling, good branding and good content which is ultimately going to attract people.

Right now, its all about the lounge wear and doing it like these influencers – Rushana Isaacs, Aqueelah Harron Ally and Ashleigh Herman