Showing employees that you appreciate them can improve engagement, retention, productivity and morale.

It takes a team to get a business off the ground and keep it running, and business owners with the most talented employees tend to have the most success.


Here’s what it will take to really appreciate your employees

1) Communicate Regularly. This varies by workplace, and any cadence is fine so long as it’s more than once a year during an annual review.

2) Tailor to the Recipient. Some people like a fist-bump, while others prefer an email. Show additional gratitude by recognising how each employee likes to be thanked.

3) Personal & Individualised. Relate your appreciation to the specific accomplishments of individual team members.

4) Be Genuine & Authentic. Your tone of voice, facial expressions and posture must match what is being conveyed verbally.


Recognise The Achievement Of Personal Goals

When you take the time to appreciate when employees achieve goals outside of the workplace, they’ll be reminded of the fact that you care about them as people, not just as cogs in a wheel.

You can also reward your people with gifts connected to their passions.


Simple Employee Recognition Ideas

1. Surprise them.

Did someone from sales land a big client? Celebrate their accomplishment in a way they’d never expect, with a good old-fashioned surprise! Go all out by decorating the office, killing the lights and buying some lunch. Or, keep it low-key and send them a personalised text. That’s one employee appreciation idea that’ll leave them blushing.

2. Show them the money.

Okay, so a spot bonus isn’t the most original employee appreciation idea. But it doesn’t disappoint. Your company pays employees what you think they’re worth, so slipping them a little extra green shows that you recognise and value their discretionary effort and achievement.

3. Shout it from the rooftops.

One way to make your employee appreciation genuine is to tell anyone and everyone of your employee’s success — share an employee’s accomplishments with their teammates and senior leaders. Publicising your appreciation will tug at employee heart strings in a whole new way.

4. Get them out of the office.

When you’re recognising employees for extraordinary effort or success, they likely went above and beyond to get there (logging extra hours, sacrificing personal time, losing sleep, etc.). Show your employee appreciation by giving your high-achiever the gift of time.

5. Say thank you.

An oldie, but goodie. A genuine “thank you” is one employee appreciation idea that will never go out of style. Write a hand-written note—leave it at their desk or send it in the mail for remote employees.