This is the heartfelt request from travel professionals and those in hospitality. Smaller, independent travel businesses are vulnerable due to reduced cashflow – travel designers, small tour agents, wellness retreats, destination wedding specialists – the list is endless. So, if you have a trip booked over the next few months, try and leave your deposit on account with the company and choose dates later this year or next year.

Most major airlines are allowing one free flight date change, with passengers just needing to pay the difference in cost of the postponed flight. Airlines are also releasing their future schedules to make postponing a flight easier.

Don’t drop that trip. When we do finally get away, hosts will be more eager than ever to welcome us. As lovers of travel, the best thing we can do for small, independent hotels is show sensitivity and support. Or else they might not be there on the other side. It’s not just about businesses losing bookings, it’s about all the individuals throughout the supply chains set to suffer from a total loss of income.

This small gesture will help many tourism businesses survive and be ready for when the bounce-back in travel comes.