Acupuncture focuses on a system of meridians that flow through our bodies. When our life force – or Qi, pronounced chee – moves through the meridians freely, our body performs in a state of homeostasis, or at an equilibrium. Stable, balanced, and able to maintain a standard of health and well-being.

But when our meridians become blocked, our body reacts with illness and pain. Instead of managing those symptoms with therapies and pain medications, acupuncture strives to cure the condition by clearing the blockages.

Acupuncture targets the weak links in the body and rebalances them. It’s like a magical reset button and is ideal for addressing things like anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic pain.

Acupuncture breaks the cycle and retrains the body to return to proper function. See, the body’s natural state is to be healthy. When we get sick, we interrupt this way of being. By rebalancing a person’s systems, his or her natural state of health starts to manifest.

Needles the size of a hair are strategically placed on the body, and the experience is pain free. Sessions last 35-50 minutes.

What are Qi blockages?

The quality of our Qi depends on its abundance and flow circulating in energetic pathways called meridians. Qi blockages are a form of stagnation that occur in meridians, hindering the optimum flow of the Qi circulation. Qi blockages cause all kinds of health issues, usually leading to stagnation and an acidic environment in the body—referred to by acupuncturists as “damp heat accumulation”—as well as weakness and deficiency of blood, fluids, and Qi’s essence. Energy blockage can be the result of stress, injury, trauma, or unhealthy living habits—diets, addictions, lack of exercise—and can cause imbalances that are at the root of all health problems.

When we can work on clearing and removing these blockages, the body is able to heal and become healthy. Energy increases, the nervous system is calm, and we can feel the harmony and strength of our Qi.

A big part of my practice is to help bring awareness to the importance of self-care outside our acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture is a powerful tool to treat, resolve, and restore health and vitality, but when patients begin to incorporate other tools such as exercise, a balanced diet, meditation, and mindfulness, they raise the bar from healing to longevity and prevention of future diseases and conditions.  They also begin to enjoy good energy, and have clarity to make better and healthier choices.