From one Cape store to establishments in every major centre

In 1872, the 20-year-old John Garlick arrived in Cape Town. John Garlick started his first store on May 3, 1875, on the corner Bree and Strand Streets. He soon became renowned for his policy of good value at reasonable prices and as his reputation spread so did the Garlicks organisation.

From the beginning it was apparent that John Garlick was a progressive thinker who imaginatively applied technological advances to his business. The new building which rose in Adderley Street in 1892 had lifts, electric lights throughout and automatic fire sprinklers. It was the tallest building in the Cape at the time. It was in this building that the first escalators in South Africa were tried out.

The emphasis at Garlicks has always been on fashion and South African women are aware that that Garlicks is a leader in this field. They have always had a vast range of clothes for men and women of all ages.

If Mr John Garlick was alive today he would surely be proud of the great department store empire his efforts, and those of his family, have created.