We’re facing a very difficult time in South Africa at the moment. The impact of Covid-19, our fragile economy and infrastructure. Not to mention living in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. This compounded with the rise of the global economy, it’s unsurprising that youth are increasingly keen to study, live, and work internationally. This notion seems to be seconded by parents around the world, as found by a recent study conducted by HSBC.

The study showed that 42% of parents would consider sending their children abroad to live and work – a significant increase from the 35% recorded in 2016. Do you encourage your kids to live and work or study abroad if possible?  Or do you feel that we should look to build within our own country to make it a better place and grow from within? Voice-note us 082 222 1049.

Studying in a new country is the best way to be exposed to a new language. For almost half the parents considering a university education abroad for their children, the acquisition of foreign language skills was their primary motivation. Linguistic knowhow that spans multiple languages is a tool that can open many doors. Sending your child abroad for university could be the first step in securing their future success. Studying abroad is the perfect way to prepare them for their university experience by encouraging them to focus on their language skills first.Traveling and studying abroad play a significant role in not only broadening a young person’s horizons but also in making sure they are as well-equipped for their future as possible. Feeling comfortable speaking a new language in a new city and meeting people from around the world can seem daunting, but, ultimately, it’s an experience that will leave your child more comfortable speaking and writing in their new language, confident in an international setting, and ready to take on new academic and professional challenges.