We’ve asked you to help us connect with individuals who are doing exceptional work within communities around the Western Cape. This morning Aden chats to Pastor Ivan Jones from the Rise Up Programme in Lavender Hill.

Pastor has a feeding scheme in Lavender Hill providing meals for close to 300 kids and families everyday. He only receives donations for food and supplies from his friends and a few companies, but he needs our help now, especially through these trying times. We received the nomination from an individual who has been watching Pastor Ivan very closely, this is what Charles had to say…

“I met Pastor Ivan early this year and heard what he does and would like to nominate Pastor Ivan Jones for this 16 days of youth initiative. He has been doing this prior to lockdown out of pure love and care for the people living in this community. He really is an angel sent from God, as many of these families are suffering to feed themselves, and many go to bed starving. As you know, Lavender Hill is riddled with many issues and to see someone want to make a difference everyday is phenomenal. During lockdown he has even gone as far as Stellenbosch to assist in feeding our communities.”

We opened this up to many of our friends, to see how they can come onboard, and our loving friends at Spar Western Cape have donated as R10 000 voucher to Pastor Ivan, to enable more feeding during this time.

Thank you so much Spar for your willingness to always help our communities and care for these starving children, your help really does go a along way.

“You are never too small to make a difference, we rise when we stand together and help one another”

Have a listen to the interview here with Pastor Ivan and Aden Thomas