The start of the working year tends to leave one filled with a mixture of anxiety and denial. The truth is, you’re never really ready for your first day of work. You summer tan is in full swing, the taste of a delicious cocktail still lingers on your lips. The last thing you wanted to do today was sit in front of your computer looking at Microsoft Excel.

Yet, here you are…Drinking a cold cup of coffee reminiscing about a December to remember.

What were some of your biggest struggles today at work? What made the first day back particularly difficult for you?

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On that happy note, here are a few helpful tips to help get you through through it…

1. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive

No we don’t mean start spiking your morning coffee. This is all about trying to keep the feeling of togetherness. Maybe you got a useful Christmas present that you can bring in on your first day like a new diary or laptop bag that’ll make you smile when you use it. Or maybe you had some good news over the festive break that you can share with your colleagues.

2. Get started on your resolutions

If you opted for the “Get Healthy” New Year’s Resolution, then now is the time to get cracking. Download an app and start taking the stairs. Buy yourself a nice water bottle, that way you’ll definitely want to use it and you’ll soon be on your way to eight glasses a day.

3. Go for lunch with your work BFF

Nothing breaks up a seemingly never-ending Monday like popping out for lunch with your work bestie. Chances are you’re both probably broke so pick somewhere cheap and cheerful or take your packed lunches to a coffee shop and swap Christmas horror stories.

5. Plan something fun to do this Friday night

If work really is hell on Earth (and yes, we’ve all had those jobs) then the best thing you can do is remind yourself that as of 6pm on Friday you are a free human. For about 60 hours anyway. Get in contact with one of your mates who you might not have seen with all the Christmas madness and plan a fun night out on Friday. If cash flow is a problem, Netflix and chill! Whatever it is, get it in the diary and honestly – having something to look forward to will make this first week easier.