“The Voice SA” season 2 winner, Craig Lucas, came out to the world that he is gay. Craig joined Aden Thomas on #HeartBreakfast and opens up about his history of depression and mental illness in his family, and he also talks about losing his father to suicide at the age of three.

“Suicide and mental illness runs in my family, especially amongst the men. My dad committed suicide when I was three. A number of other family members did too… The death of my father planted a seed in my mind. Those seeds had sprouted…,” he shared. In the letter to the public, he expresses a moment that he felt in 2011,when he realised that he was in love with a man, and the battle he fought within himself for years when he realised that he was a gay man.

The bond between him and the other man developed into a really strong bond – one he perceived as a strong friendship. One day, however, Craig realised that the feelings he felt for the man were more than that of a simple friendship.