An eBay listing for an original oil painting of Channing Tatum and his prominently displayed scrotum, which was suggested would score  a price of $230 has sold in a winning bid of $6,600 [R91 000] just one day after publication.

Clearly, people were in a frenzy to grab Tatum’s ballsack. The painting did not end up being the bargain once thought, but one must commend the new owner of Channing Tatum ballsack painting. (Hope you’re putting that one above the mantel.)

Los Angeles artist Chris Mann did an oil-on-wood painting of the actor in which he’s wearing a single gray t-shirt and…that’s it. His right leg covers most of painting but don’t you worry, it’s not all left to the imagination. The description says this was “lovingly painted in rich tones and fine brushwork.” According to the eBay profile, Mann’s work is “charged with emotional resonance, rife with sensuality,” and, yes, Tatum smoldering in nothing but a long-sleeved shirt is exactly that.