Weekends are great and we really look forward to relaxing and unwinding from the week that was. Monday’s feel hard and looking at the week ahead can be quite stressful. Instead of using Mondays as a reminder that the weekend has passed, use them to plan an awesome and productive week.

They say every day is a privilege so why treat this one differently? Monday is a new day, not a bad day. So roll your eyes as much as you want, but don’t be pessimistic and ruin your day before it even started.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

  1. Prepare your lunches for the week ahead
  2. Play music throughout the day to help put you in a good mood, or just tune in to Heart FM and we’ll help you along the way
  3. Try to keep your stress levels down, eat well, exercise and try your best to stay calm
  4. Exercise always helps start the day on a good note, so before work make sure to get at least 30 min in. Even a short walk will help level up some good positive energy
  5. Stay hydrated – make sure to drink loads of water throughout the day!
  6. Make sure that you get a really good nights rest on a Sunday, so you can be more focussed and refreshed on a Monday morning
  7. Make sure to speak positive thoughts into the universe and put out good vibes, this will come back in your favour