Dr. Janine Haendel joined the Roger Federer Foundation in 2010 as the foundations new CEO. She describes the Foundation as a learning organisation. Through her leadership and professional approach, the Foundation has transformed itself from a an ambitious impact oriented and professional and systematic operation close to its heart. She served for eight years as a Swiss diplomat with a focus on conflict transformation and human rights. She was the head of philanthropy at the chairman’s office of a global company. and holds a doctorate in law. She describes herself as a “naïve optimist,” As a board member and a philanthropy advisor to other foundations she combines her experience in strategic grant‐making with her knowhow in good governance and community development.


We enhance school readiness in a systematic manner in Africa and in Switzerland to give children a better start in education due to a smoother transition into primary school. They use innovative approaches by making all relevant stakeholders accountable to offer age-appropriate facilities and use digital and self-guided learning tools for enhancing the competency of educators. School readiness means that children are developmentally on track in health, learning and psychosocial wellbeing before entering formal education. This is the decisive precondition that further learning can take place and be sustainably rooted.

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