We are incredibly grateful for the impact nursing has on all of us and considering the current COVID-19 crisis.

The nursing profession has a long and important legacy in our nation’s history. From the moment a patient walks into a healthcare facility to the moment they leave, nurses are on call, tending to every need, comforting and healing to the best of their abilities and delivering compassionate care. However, for all nurses do each and every day, they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

There are also plenty of other ways to show gratitude and help nurses out right now. Social media is a great way to share shout outs and stories. Consider sending food or coffee to local healthcare facilities, donating available supplies, and continuing to practice social distancing.


  1. Nurses are our heroes

    Nursing is one of the most trusted professions. Nurses have an intimate view of our lives as they sometimes provide care in the most difficult of times. In matters of life and death, heroes emerge and nurses definitely stand out as role models and heroes when we think about the times they’ve cared for us and our loved ones. Let’s remind the nurses in our lives that they are our heroes today!

  2. We appreciate the professionalism

    The medical field is constantly changing with technology, innovation, and advancements in treatments. Nurses know they must stay on top of these rapidly changing factors through continuing education and recertification. As patients, we can feel more confident and at ease about the care we receive when our nurses have cared enough to obtain certification.

  3. We want nurses to feel the love

    Nursing can be a stressful profession, both physically and emotionally. Obtaining or maintaining certifications means more time and effort on top of a demanding nursing schedule. Let’s relieve some of the stress nurses feel through full-on recognition, appreciation, and admiration today.