Career Curious

Do you feel like you might not be in the right position that you’re at right now? Wanting to switch lanes and fast track to something else. Being career curious can in the long run, make you land up with the job of your dreams.

Jack and Jill of all trades

Being career curious might make you want to jump ship to a completely different career all together. When jumping ship, you need to do it wholeheartedly. Interest in more than one field will help you master several different skills, making you what they call, a unicorn. A unicorn is a jack of all trades.

Know the playbook and play harder

Dabbling in different fields will get you a competitive advantage. You might face difficulties that you have never faced in the particular field you are at. But being in more than one field you can quickly find a solution to it without wracking your brain.

Curiosity is good

If there’s one thing we need to know, it’s that curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It made the cat intellectual. Careful when it comes to curiosity though. It comes with a warming label. Be curious in your work, not in gossip and meaningless conversation with no value.

Taking risks

Taking a leap of faith and jumping may not be too bad. Explore, embark and expand on your knowledge. Taking risks can impact diversity in every aspect in life. Take that risk, but be patient in doing so.

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