Have you been sitting in traffic and wondering why the on earth is traffic this chaotic? Trying to take that promising shortcut but even that isn’t working. Here are some tips on how to survive the unbearable Cape Town traffic. Wipe those tears away. We have got you covered.

  1. Plan ahead

If you know you travelling routines will have you stuck in traffic, it is best to mentally prepare yourself. Have an internal cry like we’re having too, but never in traffic. Having road rage while driving won’t solve getting there any faster. Travel earlier if need be.

  1. Music makes the world go around

Listen to some sweet tunes on Heart FM to keep you pumped during the traffic rush. Music has been proven to help with stress relief. Of course this varies based on the type of music you’re listening to.

  1. Teamwork

Carpool to work with a group of people that work in your vicinity. Perhaps public transport is even an option. Yes, you may argue that your car at home won’t make a difference. But like Jordon Sparks sings, “One step at a time”, we will tackle this issue one car at a time.

  1. Learn while driving

Listen to an audio book or a podcast on learning a new language, cooking that meal, how to address people from different continents. Anything really. You’ll see how much quicker the ride goes when you’re learning something that you adore. Time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Look at the view

We undoubtedly live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Look outside of that car window and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You may even notice something that you haven’t noticed before.

This is how to make traffic fun!