Cinemas and stages have taken a heavy beating during this pandemic and many have been forced to close down. Many have reached a point where streaming just isn’t satisfying enough anymore. Capetonians are craving to be outside again and go back to living a normal life, where going to the cinema is part of a normal life.

There has been talk and planning of a Drive-In experience for those who absolutely love going to the cinema, what an amazing opportunity to look forward to!

The news was announced via its Facebook page, The Mother City Drive-In also promises to offer a solution to getting out of the house to watch a film while audiences remain safe from COVID-19 in the safety of their cars.

This nostalgic experience will bring back those memories from when Cape Town did in-fact have drive in cinemas. In 1960, Cape Town’s second-largest drive-in cinema was where  Grand West Casino now stands. The Goodwood Drive-In had one big screen, and could accommodate 1 066 cars.

We are so excited about this news and cant wait for it to be launched!